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ECHO has provided abundant insight on how to use administrative data to elicit unwarranted variations in health care performance in a sample of EU countries. ECHO findings have informed decision-makers about in- and cross-country differences in equitable access to healthcare services, uneven effectiveness, quality and safety, and unequal efficiency.

In the context of Bridge-Health, the ECHO principles and methods continued providing insight on how to use administrative data sources in the development of a European Health Information System; nowadays, it is contributing in the Joint Action InfAct showcasing how to reuse real world data in the systematic analysis of the European Healthcare Systems.


The Joint Action on Health Information, InfAct, is expected to set the basis for a sustainable research infrastructure aiming to enhance pan-European collaborative research on health and health systems performance.

In pursuing this aim, InfAct, who expands Bridge Health achievements (, will be focusing on developing the business case and roadmap for the implementation of such a European research infrastructure where the definition and implementation of interoperability principles is paramount.

It is precisely in getting interoperability issues properly solved in the infrastructure where ECHO foreground is serving as the basis for inspiration and development. Building upon different case studies, InfAct partners will thoroughly address technical challenges in the development of collaborative research infrastructures, semantic issues related to the reuse of real world data, legal questions on data access and data sharing, requirements for the maintenance of that kind of research infrastructures and, the implementation of good governance mechanisms.

InfAct, launched in March 2018, is a 36-month project funded by the European Commission, with 40 partners from 28 European countries. The Institute for Health Sciences in Aragon (IACS) is co-leading the work package ‘Assessing and piloting interoperability for public health policy’ along with the Institute for Public Health in Croatia.

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