Mission and Vision


ECHO aimed at building a common knowledge infrastructure, based on existing datasets, which ultimately allowed international healthcare performance comparisons.

Conceived as a pilot study, ECHO set about the task of bringing together patient-level data from Denmark, England, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, as well as, contextual information -demographic, socioeconomic, and healthcare supply data.

This knowledge infrastructure allows the evaluation of more than 40 performance indicators, carefully developed to avoid inappropriate cross-country comparisons.

The ECHO knowledge infrastructure allows the study of several performance dimensions (equity, effectiveness, safety and efficiency) at international, national, regional, and even provider level.


The ECHO pilot knowledge infrastructure has proven to be a powerful tool in the assessment of Healthcare Systems Performance across Europe, upgrading the existing experiences and tools on international comparison. Adding more EU countries to the current infrastructure and thus meeting the growing demand for smarter international comparison requires specific EU funding, ideally fostered by EU Member States within the established funding mechanisms.


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EchoMission and Vision