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The ECHO Tool

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ECHO Tool Accessible description

ECHO Tool Slide1

Authorized users will log in the ECHO tool with their username and password. They will be able to develop their own research, based on the indicators calculated in ECHO, and export their results as structured reports, including graphics.

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Inside the ECHO Tool users can select the perspective of analysis by alternating between tabs: Areas or Hospitals. Multiple choice menus will allow to design analyses in a step-by-step process.

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Once a perspective of analysis have been selected, users can launch a new query; retrieve, load or delete a previously stored study, or compare two or more studies.

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After completing the assisted process to design a new study, a structured report will show up, ready to be downloaded into different formats.

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Tailored reports are available for both perspectives: Areas and Hospitals, including all the information and graphics generated in the analysis and allowing the possibility of international comparisons.

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EchoECHO Tool – Accessible Presentation