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ECHO performance Atlases report unwarranted differences in health systems performance across ECHO countries. Atlas reports on cardiovascular care, lower value care and potentially avoidable admissions have been yielded. These reports feature international and in-country variations in performance, its evolution over-time, the effect of socioeconomic gradient, and provide some policy messages derived from the results.


LVC3Atlas Num.1 on Lower Value Care (LVC)
Health Systems bear substantial opportunity costs by using interventions that are deemed lower-value. Quantifying the utilisation of this type of care and its systematic variation across policy-relevant geographical units offers insight at a glance into the local potential for enhancing efficiency (i.e., value-based provision of care).

LVC Denmark      LVC England     LVC Portugal     LVC Slovenia      LVC Spain


PAH3Atlas Num.2 on Potentially Avoidable Hospitalisations (PAH)
The study of systematic variations in Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations (PAH) offers a critical view on how healthcare organizations provide care to patients with chronic conditions. In particular, it signals how effectively they are managed in the ambulatory setting

PAH Denmark  PAH England  PAH Portugal  PAH Slovenia  PAH Spain


cv3Atlas Num.3 on Coronary revascularisation
Mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular disease are considered a public health issue. In fact, coronary ischaemic disease is one of the leading causes of death in Europe. The study of systematic variation on its surgical management, and associated outcomes, offers a critical view on how healthcare organizations provide care to patients.

CV Denmark     CV England     CV Portugal     CV Slovenia       CV Spain

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