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Bridge-Health Final Report: ‘Building a platform for healthcare administrative data for the assessment of health system performance’. Autors: Bernal-Delgado E, Estupiñán-Romero F, Launa-Garcés R, and Martínez-Lizaga N on behalf of BRIDGE Health WP#10 partners. Access to the BRIDGE-HEALTH Final Report.pdf Information about WP#10 partners: WP 10 ‘Building a Platform for administrative data on healthcare’. More information about this WP:

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Whether ECHO´s findings on healthcare performance can impact decision making depend on its ability to rule out data issues as alternative explanations for the reported differences in performance. The ECHO Information System Quality Report provides a systematic and detailed description of all the steps involved in the construction of the DWH, as well as issues that could potentially jeopardize the… Continue reading ECHO Reports

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