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The objective of the ECHO Project web is that all citizens can browse the pages of this website without encountering access difficulties.

All persons, regardless of their age, disability, characteristics of their navigation device or ambient environment from which they’re accessing this Web site should be able to use and understand its contents.

The main measures taken to improve the accessibility of this site are:

  • Compliance with the W3C standards.
  • Usage of CSS stylesheets to set the informatio presentation.
  • Alternative text for images.
  • Links with detailed function or destination of the hyperlink.
  • Access to the main options by keyboard shortcuts.

The pages of the ECHO Project website (http://www.echo-health.eu) conforms the AA accessibility level requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 defined by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Visual styles selection

This website has been visually styled with CSS stylesheets. Thanks to its structural markup, the web pages of this site will still be readable even if your browser or navigation device does not support CSS.

Users can modify the visualization of the pages either using the browser’s zoom function or changing the text size in the browser’s options menu.

Non-HTML format documents

This website contains a large volume of information in documents with non-HTML format, like PDF or PPT, which accessibility degree cannot be stablished by this website owner, as they are dependant of third party technologies. To visualize them, maybe the user should install an appropriate software or plugin usually available to download from the web of the software manufacturer. The installation of these programs will be held under the sole responsibility of the user, and in any way will be supported or guaranteed by the ECHO Project web responsibles.

The last review of the accessibility level of this website was made on 18th of july of 2014.


Any complaints, questions or suggestions to improve the accessibility of this website may be channeled through the following email address: info@echo-health.eu