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… What is the ECHO Project?

The European Collaboration for Health Optimization (ECHO) project is an international effort to bring together administrative datasets from several European countries and inform decision-makers on unwarranted variations in health care performance.

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The ECHO Project: Facts & Results

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Three young scientists checking onlie data

The ECHO Tool will process data from several countries in the EU, making it accesible for scientists and health policy makers.

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This manual aims at describing the methods and techniques used in the ECHO Project, unifying methods….

more info on the e-HANDBOOK

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ECHO Publications

A dossier with some reports inside

The Atlas of Variations in Medical Practice is a specialist publication aimed specifically at clinicians, managers and health policy.

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BRIDGEHealth project logo

The ECHO team has joined efforts with other EU projects to design a European Health Information System.

more about BRIDGEHealth